Time Tracking made easy

Track your projects, tasks, teams, and departments with Neostaff’s intuitive, all-in-one time tracking and screenshot software.

Spend your time on what actually matters

Optimize productivity

Sick of wasting time on tasks that don’t move the needle? Neostaff’s time tracking, custom reports, and team management make it a breeze to keep your team on task.

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Intuitive web dashboard

Who has the time to learn new software? Neostaff is designed to be intuitive and easy to use right out of the box. Whether it’s on the web or desktop app, your team can get started ASAP.

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Boost profits

Time is money, after all. Neostaff helps your business hit deadlines and stay on target with your budget. Our time tracking software and custom reports help you track billable hours to optimize costs.

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About Neostaff

We’re your productivity partner.

Neostaff was born out of a real need for reliable time tracking. In 2020, our founders went 100% remote overnight and needed to keep these newly virtual teams on task. We needed a simple, scalable tool that could integrate with multiple systems, and that’s how Neostaff was born. After using the tool for our own teams, we realized it had the potential to save other businesses countless hours of valuable time.


Tap Neostaff’s productivity resources to get your team on the same page. We help you minimize distractions, miscommunications, and inefficiencies through the power of automated data and tracking. It’s a tool created by managers, for managers.


Whether you have one employee or one thousand, Neostaff scales with your team. Use our platform for simple or complex tasks.

Intuitive insights

Data doesn’t mean much if you don’t use it. Neostaff puts your data to work for your business, providing custom reports that optimize your team’s workflow.

Neostaff Features

Time Tracker

Time tracking makes your team more cognizant of how they spend their day. Neostaff’s simple time tracker allows employees to track time on a task or project basis to help your team stay focused.

Project Management

 Take each project from A to Z with Neostaff’s project management tool. Our desktop app allows you to create projects and tasks. Ask your team members to record their time for each task to easily build accountability into your workflow.

Department Management

Different departments have different needs. Fortunately, there’s no need to use separate software in your business: Neostaff is perfect for development, marketing, HR, and any other team in your organization.

Flexible Payment Per User

Neostaff is an affordable alternative to other high-cost project management tools. Our pricing scales with your organization on a per-user basis so you only pay for what you use.

Screenshot Time Tracker

Need extra accountability? Neostaff takes screenshots while employees work on each task. We send screenshots to your team supervisors every 10 minutes, as well as the employee’s productivity rate expressed as a percentage. occasionally

Team Management

Neostaff gives you the power to customize projects for the various teams in your business. You can create cross-functional teams between departments or create sub-teams within each department—the sky’s the limit.

Custom Reports

Need to understand your profit margins? Or how much time your team spends on particular tasks? Neostaff gives you the power to run reports on any data point in your dashboard so you can better optimize your resources.

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